Pommade anti-vergeture Pregnant Belly Salve (120 ml)


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Contribue à la prévention des vergetures grâce à l’addition de beurre the karité



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Contribue à la prévention des vergetures grâce à l’addition de beurre the karité

Le beurre de karité, aux propriétés cicatrisantes, est ajouté aux ingrédients de l’huile anti-vergeture Pregnant Belly Oil de Motherlove pour créer cette pommade crémeuse qui maintient l’élasticité et la douceur de la peau, efficace pour la prévention des vergetures et le soulagement des démangeaisons causée par l’étirement de la peau. Merveilleuse pour l’hydratation de la peau au matin, au soir, en fait n’importe quand ! Utilisez plusieurs fois par jour sur les seins, le ventre et les cuisses pour dorloter la peau qui s’étire pendant la grossesse. La pommade anti-vergeture

Pregnant Belly Salve de Motherlove ne contient aucune toxine selon la base de donnée Skin Deep.

Ingrédients : huile d’abricot, cire d’abeille*, beurre de karité*, racine de guimauve*, cynorhodon*, fleurs de lavande*, fleurs de camomille*, fleurs de souci*, huile essentielle de lavande*

*Ingrédients certifiés bio

Conseil d’utilisation : frictionner le ventre, les seins, les hanches et les cuisses pour minimiser les vergetures et soulager les démangeaisons Facilement absorbée, elle possède un arôme discret de camomille et de lavande.

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  • 9 illepevaj Beurre de karité
  • 10 kamilla Camomille (Matricaria chamomilla)
  • Camomille (Matricaria chamomilla)

    Chamomile flowers are in our pregnant belly oil and pregnant belly salve to soften skin, allowing it to stretch, as well as to relive the itch of a growing belly. German chamomile is a highly aromatic herb with finely cut leaves and small, many rayed white flowers with yellow centers that bloom daily throughout its growing season. Though it is an annual, any fallen flower reseeds itself easily after the first planting. Chamomile flowers are an excellent, gentle herb to drink for its calming effect on children and adults. Drink the tea in the evening to relax and bring on sleep. It also relieves indigestion, gas, and diarrhea. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties for use on sprains, strains, and sore muscles. Use on sores, rashes, scaly skin, sunburn, and windburn, to soften skin, relive itching and reduce wrinkles. A chamomile tea hair rinse will bring out blond highlights.

  • 15 mehviasz Cire d'abeille
  • 6.3 fehermalyvagyoker Guimauve (Althaea officinalis)
  • Guimauve (Althaea officinalis)

    Marshmallow root is a very emollient herb, which is why we use it in the pregnant belly oil, pregnant belly salve, nipple cream, and green salve. Its skin softening effect allows a pregnant belly to stretch without stretch marks and quickly heals cracked nursing nipples and chapped skin. Marshmallow grows 1-3 feet tall in moist locations. The alternate, slightly serrated leaves feel soft when rubbed. Small pale flowers bloom in the leaf axils. The young leaves can be eaten raw or slightly cooked; it makes an excellent soup thickener. The roots can be used as a meringue substitute when covered with water and boiled until reduced by half, cooled, and beaten to a froth. The demulcent tea is soothing to mucus membranes, swollen glands, and irritations of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and urinary tract. Because mallow is so emollient, it soothes skin irritations, rashes, boils, stings, and runny sores.

  • 18.3 sargabarackmag kivonat3 huile d'amande d'abricot
  • 20 szolomagolaj Huile de pépins de raisins
  • 12.2 levendula Lavande (Lavandula officinalis)
  • Lavande (Lavandula officinalis)

    Lavender flowers are in the pregnant belly oil and pregnant belly salve, and the only herb in birth & baby oil for its gentle skin healing properties, the ability to prevent scarring, and its lovely scent. Lavender is a perennial that grows up to two feet tall with many branches of gray-green linear leaves. The very aromatic purple flowers, which grow on terminal spikes, are gathered just before opening. Lavender is widely used in cosmetics and aromatherapy for its scent and healing properties. It is in baths, sachets and sleep pillows to relieve headaches, depression, and exhaustion; and promote relaxation and sleep. Its antiseptic qualities make it great for face washes, steams, and toners. And in creams and oils it relieves aches and pains.

  • 4.2 csipkebogyo Rose (Rosa)
  • Rose (Rosa)

    Rose hip seed oil helps prevent scarring and is an ingredient in our pregnant belly oil and pregnant belly salve. Rose is a familiar flower grown in gardens everywhere for its beauty and wonderful aromatic smell. Rose petals hydrate the skin and are wonderful to use for a face wash, steams and herbal baths. Put the flower petals on cuts to stop bleeding. Rose hips, the seedpods that form after the bloom falls off, are very high in Vitamin C. Drink rose hip tea to relieve cold symptoms, or puree into a syrup or jelly mixed with applesauce.

  • 11.1 koromvirag Souci (Calendula officinalis)
  • Souci (Calendula officinalis)

    Calendula flowers are one of the best all purpose skin healing herbs and is in most of Motherlove’s body care products. Calendula softens skin, heals cuts, abscesses, rashes, boils, chapped skin, and eczema. It relieves muscle cramps, painful swellings, hemorrhoids, and the itch of insect bites. Calendula is an easily planted annual with orange and yellow flowers and alternate leaves. The unusual curlicue seedpods easily reseed themselves. The orange and yellow petals of this edible flower are a colorful addition to salads. As a wash on wounds, it can stop bleeding. It can be used in a footbath on swollen feet and eyewash on sore, tired eyes.